Snapshot hosts at McLoone's Pier House with a unique Prop Box!

Sloane & Bryan were married on August 19, 2012, where their reception took place at McLoone's Pier House.  Our SCE & Snapshot office is not too far from this venue, and all of Long Branch's shopping and touristic attractions.  This couple took the prop box, which is included in our Lounge Style Photo Booth price, to a new level!  They decided to use their own props, and as you can see from the pictures below, props add so much character to any event. Our Snapshot prop box includes updated props, consisting of feather boas, wigs, funky hats, tattooed sleeves, sunglasses, crowns, and so much more!  Our photo strip footers are also another great feature, which the client can customize, or work with our Snapshot staff to create. Sloane and Bryan added the design of a star fish to their footer, which was positioned in the middle of their names and wedding date.  Lastly, this photo booth package also includes a scrapbook, a great gift for the Bride and Groom to flip through the very same night of their wedding!  The scrap book saves a photo strip spot on the cover for the couple, and also the first page; while guests' fill the rest of the book with pictures in black and white and color, and messages of congrats.

Since our Lounge Style Photo Booth is made of piping and draping, it can be set up or broken down in any venue.  The draping also allows for more guests' in one picture, which is great for awesome group shots! Draping consists of black, white, and chocolate brown, while our booths range in colors of black, white, and pink.  If you are interested in using a Snapshot Photo booth for your event, be sure to check out our reviews on and visit us on Facebook to check out our SCE Entertainment.  The combination of music and a photo booth from one company, makes your event planning process quite simple!  All of our SCE Event Host and office staff can fill you on either of the two and so much more.
Take a second to enjoy some of Sloane & Bryan's pictures on their special day: