Snapshot rocks The Liberty House with Photo booth fun!

Snapshot Photobooths at Liberty House in Jersey City, New Jersey
On August 25th, Jill and John had their wedding reception at  The Liberty House.  After introductions, the DJ for the evening introduced our Snapshot photo booth to all guests, who immediately started lining up for pictures.  Our photo booth attendant explained how the booth worked, and it wasn’t long before all guests’ got the hang of it and started showing each other.  Our Lounge style photo booth was a huge hit!  Friends and family were having a blast using our prop box, and taking pictures all night long!  Our prop boxes on this evening ranged from wigs, sunglasses, hawaiian leis, hats of all styles, and of course the guests’ imagination! 
Many guests’ thought it was great to have the option to take one set of pictures in black and white, and one in color, leaving the Bride and Groom with a set of each for their scrapbook. Everyone made a point to sign the scrapbook for Jill & John, leaving them messages of congrats, funny quotes from friends, and love for their special day.  When designing our scrapbook throughout a wedding reception we make sure the book is full on every page before we hand it to the Bride and Groom.  Our scrapbook makes a great gift, because it leaves room for the couple's photo strip on the cover, giving it their ownership.  Jill and John's bridal party did an awesome job at helping us do so, and made sure the Bride herself made an appearance in the photo booth often. 
A customized footer was designed and placed on the bottom of the couple’s photo strips as well, letting all guests’ remember the date and wonderful time they had at this wedding.  Many guests’ thought the photo booth was very beneficial, and were amazed to know that the scrapbook would be completed before the night was over.  
Be sure to read through our Snapshot photo booth reviews on wedding wire, and post one of your own, we appreciate you taking the time to do so, and your feedback means so much to our snapshot team.  You can tell that this wedding crowd had a blast by scrolling through some of Jill & John's snapshot photos, take a look!