Snapshot rocks a wedding at The Brownstone & SCE hosts The Sparkle Event!

Kelly and Frank were married on August 18, 2012 and their wedding reception took place at The Brownstone, located in Paterson NJ. The Brownstone is a beautiful venue, and well known by  The Jersey Housewives. Many of our SCE Event Hosts have worked closely with the two celebs for some amazing events. One event in particular will actually be taking place next Monday November 26th, that is their Sparkle Event. If you have not been to this before, you should check it out, and it's an event that the ladies do not want to miss! It's all bout glitz, glam, and giveaways, with music entertainment, raffles, cocktails, delicious baked goods, and of course shopping! Kelly and Frank used SCE Event Host Paul Knox for their wedding reception, in which their package included many SCE's enhancements! They partied using our multimedia package, dancing under the stars, monogram projection, uplighting, intelligent lighting, live musicians, and of course our amazing celebrity photo booth...just to name a few of SCE's additions to awesome music. You may wonder what it is about a photo booth that makes them so popular? Our Snapshot Photo booth team eases the mind of the Bride and Groom, Birthday boy or girl, or party of any event, by capturing photos and creating a scrapbook during your event. Our booths print two strips, one for the guests, and one for you, with the option to print in black and white and or color. Unlimited pictures for you and your guests all night long. Guests' also have the chance to sign the scrapbook, leaving their own personalized message, which is always great for you to read that night, or the very next day.

Our Lounge Style photo booth is beneficial for all events, whether your guests' are "party animals", and you are looking for the perfect idea that will get people out of their seats, and also their shy shells. You will receive a digital copy of all of your pictures a few weeks after your event, in which you can send friend's additional copies if you'd like. We also offer customized frames for any of our packages, which come in L-shaped or magnetic, the perfect party favor for your guests. Don't forget to ask us about our photo mosaics!

Don't forget to check us out on wedding wire, or give us a call to reserve a photo booth for your next event, we would love to hear from you!