Q- How does the Snapshot Photobooth work?

A- The process is very easy and fun.  Guests simply step into the Snapshot Photobooth and press the red button to start the process.  Once the button is pressed the craziness begins.  Guests will be instructed to get ready and then 4 or more photos will be taken based on the layout selected by the event host.  Guests will also be able to view themselves on our high definition monitor. After all the photos are taken, the guests will then be instructed to pick up their photo from the Snapshot Photobooth attendant.  Photos generally print in less then 5 seconds after the last photo is taken making the process fast, which means your guests are in and out – back to the party, and will not be hanging around the booth waiting for their image. 

Q- What does the Snapshot Photobooth attendant do?

A- The Snapshot Photobooth attendant is a trained professional that has a number of responsibilites during the course of an event such as; Ensuring the service that has been requested is provided successfully,  Ensure all guests enjoy their Snapshot Photobooth experience, Ensure the safety of all guests, Compile the keepsake scrapbooks or photo frame favors if requested by the client, Assist guests through the photo booth process & troubleshoot any and all  issues should they arise.

Q- Can i customize or personalize the Snapshot Photobooth photos?

A- Absolutely!  We encourage you to incorporate any of the following into your photos: Monogram, Names, Initials, Event Date, Event Name, Theme or Icon image, Company or Organization Logo.  The staff from Snapshot Photobooths can provide you with a proof for your approval before your event.  We will work with you to create & make your photo image perfect.

Q- How many people can fit in a Snapshot Photobooth?

A- We have seen 2, 4, 5, even 10 or more people squeeze into the Snapshot Photobooth thanks to our velvet side curtains and removable chair.  Our record is 19….  yeh 19… crazy right? Check out some of our images in the Snapshot section of the website for images taken from our awesome photo booths.

Q- Can guests buy copies of their photos from the booth?

A- Sure!  Please check out the Event Images page on our site.  Images are uploaded to the zenfolio site where they can be purchased.  Passwords for each event are established based on the Bride’s Maiden name or Event Date.

Q- Can I add on an hour to our package?

A- Sure!  For a flat rate of $150 for our Lounge Series or $250 for the Vanity Collection we can add an hour to your event.

Q- Can I bring my own scrapbook?

A- Of Course!  Everyone has their own tastes and desires, and if you see a scrapbook you would like to use in place of one of the Snapshot Photobooths keepsake scrapbooks it is not a problem!  The Snapshot Photobooth attendant will also assist your guests in placing the pictures and writing in the book.

Q- Can I see our booth before our event?

A- No Problem! Please feel free to visit one of the bridal shows or visit the SCE Event Group studio located in West Long Branch  to check out our awesome photo booths. 

Q-What area do you service?

A- New Jersey, Southern NY, Staten Island, Eastern PA, Delaware. We are based our of Belmar on the NJ Shore, minimal travel fees may apply if the event is greater then an hour and a half outside of Belmar. If you are located within an hour and a half of Belmar NJ, there is no charge for travel.

Q- Can I add a keepsake scrapbook, photo favor frames or additonal prints to our package?

A- Sure, Sure and Sure! Not a problem, we can create a custom package for you.

Q- How does the payment work?

A- We require a 30% retainer to secure your Photobooth.  The balance is due before the event begins. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, ALL Checks must  be payable to the SCE Event Group.

Q- Can we have our Snapshot Photobooth outside?

A- Yes!  We will need about a 6 foot by 6 foot area that is covered from the elements as well as a power source.  Our booths are portable virtually anywhere.

Q- Is my Snapshot Photobooth wheelchair accessible?

A- Yes, we can remove the photo booth seating so that it easily acommodates a wheelchair.

Q- Will I be charged tax?

A- All tax is in addition to the listed pricing.

Q- How do we know if all our guests will use the Snapshot Photobooth?

A- The Snapshot Photobooth attendant will not only assist your guests in the process, but they will ask your DJ or band to mention it if needed.  Our attendants will also invite guests to visit the booth if they notice they have not taken a photo.  Another great idea would be placing a picture of the host, or hosts in a 2×6 frame on each table with a tent style card inviting all guests to visit the booth over the course of the event or party.

Q- More questions?

A- Then please give us a call on 888-278-0900 or send us a message via our contact us portion of the website.