Snapshot Photo booth Giveaway at Imperia with Jason Jani

Back in November, SCE announced the winners of our Snapshot Photo booth Giveaway.  Owner of SCE, Jason Jani, was the host of Nicole and Gus's wedding, where their photo booth was FREE!  The photo booth giveaway was done on Facebook, where our client's needed to get as many friends and family as they could to "Like" them on our SCE fan page.  Just one simple click,  helped the clients' gain a closer step to winning.  On another note, Hurricane Sandy made this couple reschedule their wedding date. However, they were still lucky (once again), to have their preferred host available on the new date, and enjoy their reception just as it would have been before the storm hit the Jersey Shore. Nicole and Gus had their wedding reception at The Imperia, in Somerset, NJ. Their free photo booth was our Celebrity Lounge Style, which is perfect for any venue.  All booths print in black and white and also color, taking unlimited pictures. We then have our photo booth attendants fill your scrapbook, which you as the bride and groom take home that very same night!  Since pictures are unlimited, our photo booth attendants are prepared with extra paper, extra ink, and all supplies needed to complete the scrapbook; including extra glue for our tape gun, and our metallic markers. Leaving the bride and groom a nice message in their scrapbook is always nice, because this is the first feedback from their guests at their wedding.  What’s also nice about the scrapbook, is the bride and groom can read it on their plane trip while flying to their honeymoon destination. Better yet, you could probably start writing out your thank you’s just by reading who signed the book.  Just an idea!

Snapshot also provides awesome props. Props from the prop box add a lot of character to your pictures, along with great color, especially alongside bridesmaids and groomsmen’s dresses and ties. Our prop box ranges from boas, to sunglasses of all colors, wigs, funky hats, and anything you’d like to add to it is also great!  Don't forget to check us out on wedding and see what other people had to say about us.
Have a look and enjoy some of Nicole & Gus's pictures below: