Snapshot in Somerset, NJ, rockin' The Imperia

Snapshot Photobooths at Imperia in Somerset, New Jersey

Kristina and Daniel were married on September 15th, where their reception was hosted by SCE and Snapshot's photo booth. The celebration took place at The Imperia in Somerset, NJ. Their SCE Event Host was Paul Knox, whom they worked with in creating their vision for their special day. So, you may be wondering how our photo booths work right? We drape our piping in an orderly fashion, which is done the same way, every time, by whomever your photo booth attendant is for the evening. Photo booths tend to get busiest when the music is bumpin', and the wedding reception is in full swing! This is when the line begins as well, which is prime time for our attendants to create the perfect scrapbook for The Bride and Groom. Your guests'  can leave the bride and groom, or host of the party, a nice message of congrats.  Our photo booth's scrapbook comes with metallic markers, which look very nice against our black scrapbook pages!

Don't forget you can always upgrade your photo booth package too! Snapshot’s Superstar Package is great for a longer reception, which includes an extra hour, and our  L-shaped or magnetic frames. Frames are typically places on the venue tables for guests to fill and take home as a favor. The L-shaped frame is made of a quality thick plastic, which stands up on it’s own, and can be place at your guests’ home as a keep safe. Or, you can stick the picture right on your refrigerator, along with pictures of other "VIP" in your life.

Our customized footers also add a lot of character to our snapshot photo strips. They let your guests' remember the date of celebration; along with the Bride and Groom’s names, whether the picture is in black or white ,or color, it’s for you to keep. The best thing about a footer is that you make it yourself, and none are ever alike in design. Choosing the right color, font, and positioning of your footer is your choice.

We captured some of Kristina & Daniel's photo booth pictures below. Take a look, and enjoy!