Snapshot Photo booths visit Jersey Shore's Jumpingbrook Country Club!

On July 14th, Lindsay & Ryan said “I Do”, and had their reception held at The Jumping Brook Country Club located at the Jersey Shore. The used Snapshot’s Lounge Style Photo Booth, which consists of piping and draping, and your choice of draping color. This couple went with black draping, which is very popular! We offer a monthly special on our photo booth which includes four hours, a scrapbook, prop box, photo booth attendant, pictures in black and white and color, and of course unlimited pictures. As your guests’ use the booth, our attendant fills their scrapbook, which makes a great gift for the bride and groom.
Lindsay and Ryan also used SCE’s entertainment, their event host was Tony Tee Neto. The couple also purchased our L-shaped frames to use as favors for their guests. The prop box was a hit! It’s filled with funky hats, feather boas, different color sunglasses, wigs, and any other props you’d like to mix in. The props bring a lot of character to the photobooth pictures, because it’s not everyday you see the quiet ones in your family doing something silly. Now you can to save the pic in your own scrapbook!
Lindsay and Ryan also used SCE’s custom audio production on their wedding day. This is great way to tell your mother or father how you feel, except you don’t have to do so in person; it’s recorded and played as you’re having your parent dances. Sometimes it’s just too emotional of a moment to get out the words, but this enhancements really shocks the guests’, because it’s so personal and carefully worded by you the bride and groom.
Check out Lindsay & Ryan’s pictures, and don’t forget to check out our wedding wire reviews! We look forward to being a part of your special day, no matter what type of event, a photo booth brings fun to any crowd, and a picture last forever!