Snapshot photo booths celebrate NJ Wedding at Long Branch's, McLoone's Pier House

Jessica & Gerber were married on Sunday July 22nd, where their wedding reception took place at McLoone’s Pier House in Long Branch, New Jersey.  This venue has large glass pane windows, and a beautiful oceanfront, whether your reception is on the beach or inside, you will still enjoy views of the Atlantic ocean.  Wedding packages include a Caribbean or Mediterranean style. Jessica and Mike used SCE’s Celebrity package lounge style photo booth for their wedding.  They also added L-shaped frames to use a favors for their guests.  A customized footer was created by the couple and placed at the bottom of their photo strips, letting guests’ remember the special day.  Their footer included both the bride and groom’s names, their wedding date, and a capital letter “G” for the first letter of their married last name. Font, size, and color for this was also something they designed on their own.
Their SCE event host was Tony Tee Neto. Some enhancements used for their wedding entertainment package include:  Intelligent and LED Lighting, and also a custom monogram.  Some brides and grooms match their monogram to their photo booth footer, while others do not.  However, the choice is yours, and we enjoy seeing everyone’s creative side!
This wedding had some excellent group shots in the photo booth! Props from the prop box add a lot of character to your pictures, along with great color, especially alongside bridesmaids and groomsmen’s dresses and ties.  Our prop box ranges from boas, to sunglasses of all colors, wigs, funky hats, and anything you’d like to add to it is also great!
Our scrapbook, which is included in the celebrity package is also a great keepsake!  Whether you use ours, or have your own, our photo booth attendants are more than happy to fill the pages during your reception.  How great is it to have pictures from your wedding the same night you go home?  Or, to browse through on your honeymoon?  Check out Jessica & Gerber’s awesome snapshots below: