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We are proud to introduce the latest photo booth technology via Snapshot Photobooths.   Snapshot Photobooths is the exclusive photo-tainment division of the SCE Event Group that offers 7 different options of photo booth entertainment for social, nightlife and private events.

The all new Mirror booth is a refreshing alternative to the traditional or lounge photo booth solutions currently offered by SCE and Snapshot.  This booth is a pretty cool service that can be used with a backdrop setting or stand alone to remix the photo booth experience for guests and party-goers anywhere.

Jason Jani took the time to produce an introduction video to this new exclusive technology offered by SCE & Snapshot Photobooths first in the NJ private event market.

Additionally the Mirror Photo Booth has a number of enhanced options that can be made available for your upcoming event.  Digital Content signing, Multiple copy printing, Social Media sharing and detailing, Digital interactive engagement and a mind-blowing tech savvy super cool look.

If you are interested in learning more about this incredibly cool Mirror Photo Booth  check out this video below or contact SCE / Snapshot by completing the contact us form on our site or by giving our team a call at SCE at 888-278-0900.  Our rockstar team will be pumped to help you select the best photo booth option for your upcoming event.

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