Jeff Gould and Snapshot rock the Ramada!

SCE Event Group and Snapshot Photobooths helped another awesome couple celebrate in style! Joe and Katelyn had their wedding celebration at The Ramada in Toms River, New Jersey. We at SCE and Snapshot are lucky to work so often at the Versailles Ballroom.  The services are outstanding and the food, decor, and staff are the reasons behind that! SCE Event Group’s Jeff Scott Gould provided the music for the reception. Jeff took care of hosting the event, doing introductions and playing music to keep the dance floor packed all night.  Joe and Katelyn chose a few enhancements to personalize their event.  The guests had a blast on the dance floor where they were able to appreciate the intelligent lighting.  The lighting spiced up the dance floor and gave it a lovely glow!  Jeff and his crew also brought out SCE’s multimedia flat screens to display snap shots and to play music videos to compliment the couple's hand picked song requests. Jeff Scott Gould had a ton of fun with all of the couple's friends and family.  One of the coolest parts of the night was the black light show.  Jeff's crew handed out white gloves and had them wave their hands in the air to the beat of the music (check out vimeo/sce and search black light show to see it!).

Snapshot Photobooths provided the photobooth. Joe and Katelyn selected the Celebrity package, which is great for weddings as it has four hours of unlimited exposures. Snapshot Photobooths provided a ton of fun props so guests could take great, goofy, group pictures and they sure did have a great time. The package also included a photobooth attendant to ensure the guests had a fun and easy time when visiting the booth.  As a matter of fact, because used the SCE Event Group, they receive a complimentary upgraded Keepsake Scrapbook, which they took home with them that night.  It was filled with awesome photo strips and messages from all of their family and friends. The guests didn’t go home empty handed either, they all were able to take home copies of their photo strips as well!