Jason Jani and Snapshot host a Jersey Shore Junior Prom

On April 26, 2013,  the SCE Event Group had the privilege of hosting the Junior Prom for a high school on the Jersey shore.  The event took place at the Battleground Country Club in Englishtown, New Jersey.  Jason Jani and his team rocked the house and kept the dance floor packed all night long!  These kids had a blast!  Along with the music, lighting was in full effect.  The school adviser and the students chose to have full intelligent lighting at their prom to spice things up and splash the room with color!

Perhaps the biggest hit of the night, which is no surprise, was the Celebrity Photo Booth.  This particular booth comes from SCE Event Group’s very own photo booth division.  The Celebrity package is easily one of the most sought out when it comes to throwing a party and having a good time!  The students chose to have black drapes around the booth as well as a custom footer created by SCE. The flexible walls of this booth are perfect for group shots!  Also, on the bottom of each and every photo strip was the high school’s name and date of the event.  If you’re looking to shake things up and add something special to your celebration, check out the SnapShot Photobooth website!  Here’s what the Celebrity Photobooth includes:

  • Includes 4 hours of unlimited exposures

  • 2 photo strips of each booth visit

  • Photobooth Attendant

  • Keepsake Scrapbook (for guests to sign)

  • 1 Digital Copy of all images taken by the booth

  • This package is recommended for Wedding Receptions or larger events

These Lounge Series Photo Booths are great for school dances, proms, birthday parties, graduation parties and any other possible event!  If you’re interested in a photo booth for your celebration, stop by our website and see what we have to offer!  Just visit http://www.snapshotphotobooths.com or give us a call at the office; (732) 272-1347.  Or, you can also reach us on our toll free line, (888) 278-0900!  Don’t miss out on a photo booth for your event today!