Snapshot Photo booths host at Spring Lake, NJ's The Breakers

Snapshot hosted another awesome wedding reception for Jenna and John who said "I Do" on September 15th 2012, where their wedding reception was held at The Breakers in Spring Lake, NJ.  You may be wondering why a photo booth is so popular for events?  Take a minute to read about the different types we offer here at Snapshot, and see why... A photo booth brings a lot of character to your event, and it's a great way to get pictures of all of your guests. A photo booth can vary in size, the amount of people which can fit in the picture, depend on the size of your venue, can vary in color, and also in price.  Snapshot offers three photo booth styles that are great for any event, which all give you the option to print in black and white or color, keeping your guests' entertained all night long. Each booth prints two photo strips, one for your guests and one for the host of the party. Don't forget to ask Snapshot about their customized footers too!

Lounge Style- We run monthly specials on our Celebrity Lounge Style Photo booth, which consists of unlimited pictures for four hours. This booth consists of piping a draping, and you can select from three different draping colors including black, white, and chocolate brown. Another advantage of the lounge style is the fact that you can fit up for fifteen people in one picture, and it's ideal for those awesome group shots! This booth can set up or broken down in any venue, all you have to do is tell us where you'd like to place it in your venue.

Open Air- Our Open Air photo booth gives you that red carpet feeling, because you are standing in front of your own custom back-drop, or Snapshot's back-drop, letting all of our guests' see you strike a pose. We often pair this type of photo booth with a customized carpet, and our hot pink roping which lets you walk through the photo experience with style. A customized back-drop is yours to keep, styled by you, and unlike no other.

Vanity- This "Modern Coney Island Style" booth is all white, and can compliment your venue with it's ability to provide LED Downlighting. Lighting can match the colors of your ballroom, giving the photo booth attention with an amazing glow. The Vanity is also includes a screen which displays your images as they are taken for all your guests' to view and enjoy during the event.

You can pair a scrapbook with any of these booths, and some of our packages include it, along with a prop box full of variety. Our all black scrapbook is a great keepsake for the host of the party, or bride and groom, and is finished the night of the event. Even the shyest of your guests' will take a picture in your photo booth, because they will feel that it's a must to get on a page in your scrapbook. Our prop boxes include wigs, feather boas, mustaches, tattooed sleeves, varied sunglass styles, and much much more. Feel free to add props of your own, the more the better!

Check out some great shots of Jenna & John's photo's below: