Snapshot hosts another Hotels Unlimited Site, The Doubletree, with help from Anna Soiree!

  On August 19th Peg & Tom said "I do" and celebrated their wedding reception at The Doubletree in Tinton Falls, NJ.  The Doubletree is one of many Hotels Unlimited Properties which SCE and Snapshot Photo booths have a great connection and bond.  For booking your reception at one of these properties, you are entitled to a VIP pass which enables you to use a credit on any of SCE's awesome enhancements, like a snapshot photo booth, lighting, monograms, or many others to pick from.  Peg and Tom's SCE event host was owner of SCE, Jason Jani.

Peg and Tom's Celebrity Lounge Style Photobooth included unlimited pictures for four hours, a customized footer for their photo strip, a scrapbook, prop box, photo booth attendant, and draping color of their choice. The couple choice an image from their wedding invitations as their photo strip footer. However, you can create your own footer if you'd like.  Our SCE office team will assist you in selecting a design, size, and color that best fits your event.  Our snapshot scrapbook is all black, and saves a spot on the cover for the bride and grooms photo strip. It's essential to make sure that the bride and groom make it to the photo booth, even though the have so much going on.  Guests can sign the book using our silver metallic marker, leaving the bride and groom a message congratulating them one last time on their special day. Peg and Tom used minimal props with their photo booth, however we always welcome our clients to throw in additional props of their own, and we order new shipments often, making the prop box full and none are ever alike.  Props consist of hats, feather boas, sunglasses, tattoo sleeves, picture frames, and many more which bring so much character to not only your guests' but also your pictures.  Our photo booth attendants are professional in attire and at your event, where they assist your guests' throughout the evening making sure everyone knows how to use the booth.  The attendant also creates the scrapbook, making sure the pictures are placed tastefully and the book is filled evenly. Additionally, draping colors consist of black, white, and chocolate brown.

Peg and Tom worked with a close friend of ours for their wedding planning process, Nicole Chambers, owner of Anna Soiree.  If you are not familiar with the monmouth county event planning business, you should check it out! "Soiree" meaning party is a boutique focused on life's important events.

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