Snapshot Photobooths, awesome enhancements for NJ celebrations!

Remember when you took pictures on the boardwalk or before going into the movies in a photobooth? So do we! That's why we offer  a choice from 5 different, elegant booths to fit your style and add an extra bit of fun to your already great party. Besides a more elegant look, time is a big factor and we are able to accomodate large parties of up to 16 guests in one single visit. The photostrips print out in just seconds. These two factors gives us the ability to keep the line at your event moving, and your guests happy.

The photobooth is fun for all ages from, your flower girl to your grandparents! Every age group loves to see themselves in the pictures they just had taken. Also, everyone is always taken back by the fact that you can have this at YOUR event with someone to show you how to use it. The best thing is that the host gets a keepsake scrapbook at the end of the night with all the unlimited exposures their guests have taken throughout that night. Every guest will recieve one picture, while another copy of the picture is put into the scrapbook. Your guests have the option to write you a little note or just sign their name under, above, or next to their picture they just took.

When it is all done and the attendent gives the scrapbook to the host you now have a photo sign-in book/scarpbook that you, your friends, and family can remember that wonderful party by!