Great New Things for Snapshot Photobooths!!!!

Great New Things for Snapshot Photobooths! We love how pleased each and every customer always is with our photobooths and although our photobooths are great we somehow found a way to make them even better!  We have all new props, new drapes, new awesome scrapbooks, and all new ways to join them  together to make your celebration perfect.  Whether it be a Wedding Reception, Nightclub Experience, Anniversary Party, High School Event, Corporate Event, or any type of celebration you are having.

Our black, white, and chocolate photobooths are draped and can accommodate a number of guests at the same time. We understand that each and every venue is different and each and every persons' style can differ. We have now added  pink, silver, blue, yellow, and white drapes incase you are looking for anything else besides your standard black and chocolate colors.  All the colors can be used all around the booth or just as your backdrop for the photo.  All of these new drapes look great at any event.  Pink is great for a sweet 16 or any type of birthday party, silver and white are a great way to be different, but still look elegant, blue and yellow look fantastic at any affair as well!  All of these colors can be intermingled together for whatever you are looking for.  Whatever your accent color or need, we have you covered.

We also have brand new professional style scrapbooks.  Our scrapbooks are now a thicker book with thicker pages that allows for a more polished look for your memories of the night.  No more of the store bought looking cheap books.  All of the photostrips in your book can be configured any which way you would like them.  You may modify them with your initials, your name(s), date, and anything else you would like the photostrip to say.  Also you may choose the color and font style of your photostrip.

Props are also another new great addition.  We have all new entertaining props for the photobooths that include, hats, masks, sunglasses, crowns, boas, and more.  This can add a lot of fun to your pictures and your experience in the booth as well.  We have added all of these new enhancements to make your experience with Snapshot Photobooths even more enjoyable.  We look forward to being apart of your event!

Snapshot Photobooths - Black Photo Booth lounge