Our "Keepsake Scrapbook"

"Keepsake Scrapbooks" are great additional to any Snapshot Photobooth event. Picture this....Everyone is having a great time, Some of your friends or family get together and visit our Snapshot Photoboot, Our booth then prints 2 professional quality photo-strips in less then 10 secs, One copy is presented to the couple who visit the booth-the other is then attached to a "Keepsake Scrapbook" where they write you a nice/funny/crazy message...

Snapshot Photobooths - NJ Photo Booth Rentals - 888-278-0900 from Sound Connection Entertainment on Vimeo.

At the end of the event, you are presented with our awesome "Keepsake Scrapbooks" full of fun photo strips for all of those who visited the booth over the course of your celebration.... JUST AWESOME!